Cycling award for Hubert Opperman, 9 Nov 1929. Presented by Dominion Broadcasting Co. Pty. Ltd. for Opperman's record ride between Sydney and Melbourne.

He covered a distance of 567 (possibly 562) miles in a time of 39 hours and 42 minutes. Taking in account breaks (but no food or sleep) Opperman was riding for 37 hours, 9 minutes and 15 seconds. This effort beat G. Mcleod's record for the distance.

Crowds lined the streets from Craigieburn to Melbourne, and Opperman was met by 8000 spectators in the Melbourne CBD - outside Bruce Small Pty. Ltd. It was another triumph for the Victorian champion.

Physical Description

Cup trophy, manufactured from white metal, with two handles. It is attached to a wooden stand, which has been painted black. Gold plate is present inside the cup.

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