Equinoctial or equatorial sundial, made by Lorenz Grassl, Augsburg, Germany, circa 1750-1800. Brass dial in wooden case, with elevations for Naples, Rome, Ingolstadt, Strasburg.

The gnomon is set parallel to the axis of the earth and the ring parallel to the plane of the equator. The hour lines thereby remain accurate throughout the year.

Physical Description

Brass octagonal base incised with 4 flower designs and mesh of lines and dots. Compass affixed below base. Gnomon is needle perpendicular to diameter of brass circle. Fits into round wooden box with brass clasp and hinge.

More Information

  • Collecting Areas

    Science & Measurement

  • Acquisition Information

    Transfer from National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), 02/1939

  • Maker

    Lorenz Grassl, Augsburg, Swabia, Bavaria, Germany, circa 1750-1800

  • Inscriptions

    Inscribed with hours in roman numerals for northern hemisphere, circle hinged to base and passes curved scale calibrated in degrees 10 20 to 80 from vertical to horizontal in arabic numerals. Back inscribed 'Eleva Pol, Neapolis Rom Strasburg 48 Ingolstadt 48 L.Grassl'

  • Classification

    Horology, Sundials, Germany

  • Category

    History & Technology

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  • Overall Dimensions

    2.5 cm (Height)

  • Dimensions

    6.3 cm (Length), 5.8 cm (Width), 3 cm (Height)
    Measurement From Conservation. Measuring Method: Closed box

  • Keywords

    Sundials, Horology