CURTA mechanical calculator. Model II. Made by Cortina AG. Mauren, Vaduz in Liechtenstein, 1966. The CURTA 'pepper-grinder' type mechanical calculator was re-designed from memory by Curt Herzstark while he was a prisoner in Buchenwald concentration camp during World War II from his 1938 Austrian patent. The first example was manufactured in Liechtenstein in 1947. The eleven 0-9 sliders on the side are input figures and sight holes in the top provide a readout. Calculations are performed by the rotating handle and/or the rotating top of the drum. The CURTA can perform addition, subtraction, division, roots, squares and many other calculations. The retail price in 1966 for this model was US$120.00 in a metal carrying case.

Physical Description

Cylindrical device with handle for winding inside a black metal canister with dome lid.

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