This type of portable 'suitcase' radio was developed during World War II for agents of the Special Operations Executive, the British spying and sabotage organisation working in enemy-occupied territory. It was designed by Major John Brown and designed to transmit and receive coded messages at distances up to 800km. It consists of a modular receiver, transmitter, Morse key and 6 volt battery power supply small enough to be concealed in an average size suitcase. This set was obtained after the war by a Melbourne amateur radio operator who used the callsign VK3ZP and was donated to the Museum in 1978 complete with the original instruction manual. Serial no. 44183.

Physical Description

Three metal cased modules with black crackle finish front panels joined together by 5 small metal straps to form a complete unit capable of being fitted into a small suitcase. The panels contain a number of knobs and dials. There is a small meter (not original)

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