A.W.A. Fisk Radiolette radio receiver, model R29, upright mantle pattern with bakelite case, with original guarantee card and instruction booklet. Made by Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia) ltd., in Australia, about 1935.

It cost £(pounds)16/17/6.

The radio is known as the "Empire State" and was so named after AWA's new building in Sydney, which itself was modelled on the Empire State in New York. The cabinet was made in lustrious black Radelec. The set used five valves.

It used Superheterodyne technolog, invented in 1918, enabling the listener to tune a signal precisely and seperate it from other signals with similar wavelenghts. As more and more stations came on the air, tuning of radio without this technology, became more and more difficult, due to overlapping of station wavelenghts, especially at night. This model had six valves.

Physical Description

Fisk Radiolette with guarantee card and instruction booklet. Square illuminated tuning dial, with two controls below.

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