Astor Mickey Mouse model EG, circa 1939.

This radio is dry battery powered with 1.4 volt valves. It sold for 15 guineas.

It was made for the rural market where there was no 240v power available and was known as "the farmers radio"

The batteries were housed in a metal box of similar size to the radio and this battery pack was plugged into radio.

The dial has black lettering on white background, this denotes a battery model Mickey. The Astor Mickey Mouse series of radios were the most famous radios made by Astor and were the biggest selling radios in Australia.

Physical Description

Radio in a small brown Bakelite cabinet with a square dial in the middle of the front of the cabinet with a knob on each side of it. It is fitted with a brown cotton covered power cord terminated with a 4 pin UX4 style plug.

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