Healing Golden Voice model 503B, circa 1949, made by Healing Australia.

Portable battery powered radio with 5 miniature valves.

The supply voltages for the radio are 1.5 and 90 volts. The two pin plug plugged into the 1.5 V 'A' battery, and the two three pin plugs plugged into a pair of 45 V 'B' batteries. The 'A' battery was usually a long rectangular box with a number of 1.5 V cells in parallel, the current drawn by this set was 300 mA. The load on the 'B' battery was 13 mA. The 'B' batteries would have been Eveready 'Minimax' type 482, the 'A' battery would have been type 742 or 745. These of course have not been made for many years.
The plug connections are:
Two pin plug: Thick pin is the +1.5V connection and thin pin is the negative connection (it is connected to the chassis).
Three pin plug: Viewed with the pins facing away, the left hand pin of the pair close together is the +45 V connection, and the pin by itself is the negative connection.
Information supplied by the Historical Radio Society of Australia.

Physical Description

In wooden, leatherette covered case, with carrying handle. Superheterodyne circuit. Nine inch inbuilt "Rola" model 8k speaker. Batteries used externally to case. Note large and complex white plastic speaker grille.

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