Alternative Name(s): Electronic Rectifying Vacuum Tube; Thermionic Electron Valve

Low voltage high current full-wave mercury vapour rectifier designed for use in a number of Philips trickle battery chargers. It could produce an output current of 6 amps. 1.8 volt directly heated cathode. Filament rating is 1.8 V, 0.08 A. Plate rating is 45 V per plate.

This valve is believed to have previously been used or collected by Francis West Chambers (1861-1928), who from 1909 held the position of electrical inspector for the Public Works Department of Victoria, with responsibility for supervising municipal power supply undertakings, and later held a similar role with the State Electricity Commission of Victoria from 1921. During the early 1900s he had collaborated with Henry Walter Jenvey in the first experimental wireless telegraphy experiments in Australia.

Physical Description

Spherical glass bulb cut away to show the internal structure of a full wave rectifier with two small graphite anodes and small relatively thick filament. European style large 4 pin base. Mounted on a display block,

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