Electronic Valve manufactured by Philips, Triode, Type E, circa 1923: General purpose high vacuum triode, equivalent to the British/French type R. 4 volt directly heated cathode.

Electronic Valve unknown Manufacturer, Triode, 1922-1926: Early directly heated triode with horizontal cylindrical element structure. It uses platinum lead out wires in the pinch so is an early example, probably early 1920s. The style of base suggests that the manufacturer was Telefunken.

Physical Description

Electronic Valve - Philips Spherical glass bulb with top exhaust tip, sectioned to show the internal horizontally mounted triode structure. 4 pin European style base with plated metal shell. Mounted on display block. Electronic Valve - Unknown Manufacturer Cylindrical bulb on European style four pin base withmetal shell. Bulb is neatly sectioned.

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