Telmar Coil, this type of induction coil would be brought into operation in emergencies, for example, when the main spark had failed, possibly due to a loss of the ship's main power supply. The coil would operate from an emergency 24V battery. It was used with the aerial and tuning arrangements of the main transmitter.

Use of this device for 'normal' operation was frowned on because an induction coil based transmitter produced a signal, which covered a broad spectrum of frequencies, which would interfere with other communications. However, in emergencies, this broad signal was more likely to be noticed by other ships compared with the cleaner signal of the main transmitter.

Physical Description

Dark brown wooden box with hinged cover at one end. Two labelled socket are on the top. Lifting the lid reveals the interrupter mechanism of the induction coil, a small spark gap and two unlabelled sockets.

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