Marine clock, Walsh, Jones & Co, Melbourne, circa 1855.

Walsh Jones & Co was a short-lived partnership in Melbourne in 1854-1855, between Henry S. Walsh (1806-1877), a Melbourne clock and watch maker and retailer, and Edwin Jones of Melbourne. The clock face gives the firm's address as London, but this was a common practice for Melbourne firms that were importing and retailing English made clocks.

The back of the clock face is marked, 'I[?] Jones, Nelson Place', presumably Williamstown, the port for Melbourne.

This clock was used on the HMVS Nelson, which served as a training ship in the Victorian Colonial Navy from 1867 to about 1895.

Physical Description

Marine wall clock with round carved case. Brass dial has opening showing the escapement. This arrangement of mechanism was made mainly for marine clocks. Spring wound; lever escapement with fusee.

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