Moto-Reve was an an important early manufacturer of motor cycles and a range of single and twin-cylinder engines which were fitted to other manufacturers products. For example, the first Norton motor cycles in the UK used Moto-Reve engines. The company was established in 1904 and was based in Geneva, Switzerland but produced engines and motor cycles in the UK between 1912 and 1917 under the Alp brand. It ceased production around 1925.

The single-cylinder Moto-Reve engine in the Museum Victoria collection was donated by the Melbourne Electric Supply Company in March 1916. It has been sectioned for display and was apparently acquired at about the same time as the Museum purchased the Melbourne-built Liberty Model 33 motor cycle held in the collection. In 1915, the Museum had approached the local branch of the Hendee Co. to acquire an Indian Powerplus for display but a suitable example was not then available. This Moto-Reve may have been acquired as a substitute to illustrate contemporary motor cycle engine design. This engine appears to be identical to the 61 mm (Bore) x 81 mm (Stroke) unit fitted to the 1914 Moto-Reve Model A motor cycle. Power was transmitted via a rubber drive-belt to the rear wheel but pedals were retained in common with many designs of this period.

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