Imperial Accordion vox humana, made in Germany, circa 1890. It is believed to have been used at the Cobb & Co Change House in Heidelberg.

Physical Description

Accordion with brass buttons and rectangular metal and wood keys. Along the edges of the accordion there are pieces of metal which have been embossed with words and pictures of anchors.The bellows are situated in the centre of the accordion, they are white with a gold star motif. There is a rectangular wooden handle with a green and purple strap, on top of the handle there are six holes and there are three similar holes on the underside of the handle. All the holes are blocked from the inside with a strip of white coloured material. The two middle holes and one of the ones underneath the handle have a plastic button attached to the end of the white board, protruding from them. These buttons, when pressed down, changes the sound produced by the accordion. The accordion is housed in a leather box which is lined with felt.

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