Aircraft History

The US Northrop F-89 Scorpion was designed as an all-weather interceptor fighter equipped with radar. The prototype flew in 1948 with the first delivery to the USAF in 1950. It was powered by two Allison J35 jet engines with afterburner for additional thrust. A total of 1,050 were built. Many of the earlier F-89D model aircraft were rebuilt as F-89J which was designed to carry nuclear weapons.

Model History

This model of a F-89Dis painted in USAF markings. It was donated to the Museum in 1954 by Colonel J.L Sullivan. According to an Australian War Memorial photograph (MALTA0028), a Colonel Sullivan was the Air Attache with the US Embassy in the early 1950s and this may have been the source of the donation. It appears to be a presentation model made for promotional or display purposes.

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