Model EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity) spacesuit commissioned and manufactured in Melbourne for display in the Materials Exhibition at Scienceworks in March 1992. Model made by William Eicholtz in Caulfield, 1991.

A life-size male mannequin wears this non-working spacesuit. The many layers of an actual spacesuit of this kind would consist of a hooded suit known as an inner nylon tricot suit with a spandex temperature control garment, urethane coated nylon bladder and dacron restraint. The outer layer would be a thermal micro meteoroid garment consisting of neoprene coated ripstop nylon and five layers of aluminised reinforced mylar beneath a white ortho outer layer. The upper torso shield would be made from 5 layers of fibreglass and is attached to the sleeves and trousers.The boots of a suit are made of white ortho and the gloves are reinforced with kevlar. An actual suit costs $2 million.

Physical Description

Life-size male mannequin cast from a mould and made from a variety of synthetic materials. Underlayer is a blue and red coloured hooded suit made from synthetic fabric and thread. Outer suit is made from a variety of white-coloured, glossy and matte synthetic non-woven fabrics and materials as well as individual components comprising black and coloured plastics, rubbers and foams, brightly coloured and metallic synthetic tape, and foam and plastic components coated with silver or black paint. The pack on the back of the spacesuit is partly fabricated from wood. The helmet is constructed from plastic, foam and rubber components, synthetic fabric (as used elsewhere in the suit), paint and tapes.

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