Pocket watch, gold case, cylinder escapement, by George Graham, London, circa 1747.

Physical Description

Gold case. White enamel dial has black roman numerals and another ring of black arabic numerals "5, 10, 15....60". Back plate has ornate foliage design and is marked "GEO. GRAHAM, LONDON, 6363". Works cover is marked "GEO. GRAHAM, LONDON". Key wound spring; cylinder escapement. Has winding dial and fusee and chain.


Donor Joseph Lowy reported in a letter to the museum, 6 Nov 1968: 'A Graham silver pocket watch I gave you over 30 [actually 20?] years ago: A poor man, who carried his treasures in a sack wherever he went, and slept in the Old Men's Home, died. His watches were sold, and I bought one at Joel's auction. Greatly excited (of course I had to overcome my natural avidity) I gave it to you.'

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