Model of Biddell's patent combined oat and bean mill No.10 consisting of Biddell's patent bean cutter or corn cracker No. 1 and Biddell's patent oat mill. By Ransomes and Sims, Ipswich, England, 1859.

The model belongs to a set of miniature working models that were exhibited at Victorian agricultural shows to promote the firm's products, before being acquired by the museum's director at the time Frederick McCoy.

Physical Description

Green and red oat and bean mill model. Consists of a rectangular wooden funnel that feeds down to two metal milling devices that are turned by a metal shaft that runs horizontally through the object and is then attached to two wooden handles on either side of the object. The left handle is also attached to a large metal wheel. The machine is sitting on a column that is bolted to a three-legged stand. A funnel with a sem-circular profile protrudes from the front of this column and feeds the milled material out of the machine. The machine is painted green and red and the wheel and handle are painted black. The front metal plate is a brass colour.

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