Ferguson TEA-20 tractor with a four-cylinder petrol engine rated at 24 brake horsepower and rear three-point linkage patented by Harry Ferguson. Manufactured for Harry Ferguson Ltd, by Standard Motor Co. Ltd, Banner Lane, Coventry, England, circa 1951.

This restored example of the 'Grey Fergie' was purchased by the Museum in 1972 from Colac firm Evans, Rhys & Reid Pty Ltd.

Physical Description

Engine: Standard Motor Co Ltd, Coventry, England Rated PTO Power: 23.9 h.p. (17.8 kW) Fuel: petrol Cylinders: 4 Bore x Stroke: 3.150 x 3.65 inches (80 x 93 mm) Displacement: 1870 cc Firing Order: 1-3-4-2 Rated RPM: 2000 to 2410 RPM idle 400 RPM PTO speed: 540 rpm Cooling: liquid (10.23 litres) Electrical System: 6 V Implement Hitch: Ferguson 3-point linkage Brakes: rear drum brakes Front Tyres: 4x19 (6 ply) Rear Tyres: 10x28 (6 ply) Weight: 2500 lbs (1134 kg) Length: 111.5 inches (2830 mm) Width: 64 inches (1625 mm) Height: 74.5 inches (1890 mm) Wheelbase: 70 inches (1780 mm) Ground Clearance: 13 inches (330 mm) Turning Radius: 16 feet (4.87 m)

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