Orrey made Benjamin Martin in London, England circa 1770.
An orrery is a mechanical model of the solar system. Generally they were intended to be schematic representations for educational purposes rather than strictly accurate ones. This orrery contains a mechanism that can produce elliptical orbits. Orreries by Benjamin Martin like this one differ from earlier orreries by having the planets on extended arms, rather than fixed on rotating plates. Martin was one of the most important instrument makers of his time and was particularly known for his microscopes.

Physical Description

Brass circular mechanism 17cm diameter supported on base with 3 folding legs. Plate also has concentric circles near edge showing date & signs of zodiac. Centrally above mechanism is brass ball representing sun. Tellurium or lunarium can be fitted onto axis below sun. At later date a brass circle was added to globe to show longitude. Also a semi-circle on n-s line to show latitude. Howver, this interfered with operation so has been removed and is stored in Orrery's box.

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