Sextant by J. D. Potter, London, in wooden case.

This is probably the sextant that was in use at Williamstown Observatory from February 1854. The Victorian Government had ordered a number of instruments for the Observatory in 1853, including a sextant by Potter, a 30 inch transit instrument by Potter, and a regulator clock by Frodsham (no 880). This sextant replaced the two 'indifferent sextants' used by astronomer Robert Ellery when he established Williamstown Observatiry in 1853 (see ST 22156 for the sextant by Hoppe). Also used at Melbourne Observatory.

Physical Description

Brass sextant in fitted wooden box, two interchangeable eye pieces, two filters. Graduated to 150 degrees. Black scale inset. Arm has brass vernier and microscope.

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