Single barrelled shotgun, 10 gauge (.775 cal), smoothbore round damascus steel barrel 90.01cm long. Percussion side lock, converted from flintlock during 2nd quarter of the nineteenth century,

Made by William Parker, London, serial number 2166, early 19th century.

Physical Description

Lower rib and three ramrod tubes attached, two gold bands at breech, recessed gold inlaid Parker monogram on barrel top at breech '(crown)/ W. PARKER/ HOLBORN/ LONDON' with engraved star burst motif, barrel fasten to stock through two barrel keys, brass tipped wooden ramrod. Hammer engraved with simplistic foliate scroll, nipple damaged walnut straight half stock with nickel silver forend cap, chequered at wrist, cheek piece on L.H. side, vacant silver escutcheon on wrist upper, steel triggerguard with forward pineapple finial and rear hand hold.


This item offers an interesting illustration of the prevalent conversion during the period c.1815-1850 of flintlock firearms to accept the emerging technology of the percussion ignition.

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