Spare wheel and Dunlop tubeless tyre for Donald Campbell's 'Bluebird' world land speed record car. Campbell's 'Bluebird' set a new world land speed record of 403.10 mph (648.783 kph) on Lake Eyre in South Australia on 17 July 1964. Power was provided by a modified Bristol-Siddeley Proteus gas turbine engine. The custom-made wheel and tyre for 'Bluebird' were designed and manufactured by the Dunlop Rubber Co. in the United Kingdom. A specially designed high speed, remote controlled underground chamber was used to test and develop the wheel and tyre. The tyre has an outer layer of natural rubber over multiple layers of rayon cord and was inflated with nitrogen. The wheels were made by the Dunlop Rim & Wheel Co. They are steel forgings designed to rotate at about 3500 rpm and finely balanced.

Physical Description

Large silver metal wheel with black rubber tyre. The wheel hub is convex in shape.

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