Aircraft History

The Vimy was designed by Vickers Ltd as a bomber during the First World War. It became well-known in the years following the war for being flown by Alcock and Brown on the first trans-Atlantic flight and for the 1919-1920 first flight from Britain to Australia by Ross and Keith Smith with mechanics Bennett and Shiers. This aircraft carried the registration letters G-EAOU which the crew jokingly believed stood for 'God 'Elp All Of Us' and is now displayed at Adelaide Airport. It was powered by a pair of Roll-Royce Eagle VIII engines.

Model History

1:16 scale model commissioned by the Museum and built by Harold P. Wood. It was delivered to the Museum in 1923 as the first of a total of 21 models Wood built for the Museum over 44 years. It represents the Vimy flown by Ross and Keith Smith (G-EAOU) and was built from measurements taken from the original aircraft when it was displayed at the the Australian War Museum in the Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne.

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