Miner's sinking double-headed pick used in Victoria for alluvial gold mining, circa 1860s.

The double headed pick was used for shaft sinking whilst the single-headed poll pick was used undergound for driving tunnels and picking out washdirt.

Physical Description

Pick constructed from a ferrous metal head and long wood handle. The head is symmetrical, with a long thin point at each end.

More Information

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  • Acquisition Information

    Transfer from National Museum of Victoria, 1871

  • Date Used

    Victoria, Australia, 1851-1875

  • Inscriptions

    Maker's details are stamped into the surface of one side of the pick: 'P.C. PERKINS & Co. / WATERFORD N.Y. / CAST STEEL / WARRANTED'. The number '2' is faintly visible in white paint on the centre of the pick head; this probably dates from first display in the museum.

  • Classification

    Mining & metallurgy, Extraction - gold, Hand tools

  • Category

    History & Technology

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  • Exhibition Collection Management

    585 mm (Length), 72 mm (Width), 70 mm (Height), 1.8 kg (Weight)

  • Overall Dimensions

    52 cm (Length), 45 cm (Width), 6 cm (Height), 1.9 kg (Weight)
    PICK HEAD 45 cm ACROSS, HANDLE 51.5 cm LONG.

  • Maximum dimensions

    65 mm (Length), 466 mm (Width), 581 mm (Height)
    Measurement From Conservation.

  • Dimensions

    585 mm (Length), 470 mm (Width), 70 mm (Height)
    Measurement From Conservation. Measuring Method: measured laying flat on the table

  • Keywords

    Economic Geology, Gold Mining, Picks