Regulator clock by Wenzel & Enes, Melbourne and London, circa 1870.

Wenzel & Enes were chronometer, watch and clock makers and jewellers in Melbourne, Victoria, from 1858-1894. It is likely that the clock was made in England and imported to either be sold by Enzel & Enes, or used as a timekeeper in their store at 127-129 Bourke Street East, Melbourne.

Physical Description

Round arched top with carved foliage and columns at sides. Long glass door revealing silvered dial, carved foliage below dial and compensated pendulum. Main dial shows minutes in arabic numerals. Separate dials for seconds (arabic) and hours (roman). Weight driven; deadbeat escapement with jewelled pallets. Pendulum fitted with Graham's mercurial compensation for change of temperature. Clock goes for 7 days and is fitted with Harrison's device for maintaining power while it is being wound. Wheels and frames of hard hammered brass with screwed-in jewelled bearings to most pivots, screws to adjust end bearings.

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