2-ton 3-wheeled Model LD Super Diesel footpath roller (serial no. 4007LD) manufactured by A.H. McDonald & Co., Richmond, Victoria in about 1965. It is fitted with a SPI-type 4 horsepower 800 RPM single-cylinder horizontal 4-stroke pressure injection compression ignition engine with two solid flywheels and double dry-plate clutch quick-reversing mechanism. The LD was the last of a line of diesel powered footpath rollers starting with the CL in 1938 and progressing to the SL in 1950. The LD was introduced in 1960 and production ceased in 1969 after about 760 of all three types had been built. This type of small roller was used for footpaths and other areas with confined space and was popular with councils, contractors and public works bodies. One example was also sold to Mt Isa Mines Ltd. in 1950 and McDonald Imperial rollers have been used at the Adelaide Oval for many years to prepare cricket pitches for the summer season.

This LD roller was restored at Jaques Engineering in Richmond following their acquisition of A.H. McDonald & Co. in 1969 and was donated to the Museum in 1998.

Physical Description

3-wheeled Model LD Super Diesel footpath roller painted green, with yellow trim.

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