This example of the 48-215 was built in October 1950 at Fishermans Bend and purchased new in November 1950 by Mr Arthur Henry Shelton of Ripponlea in Victoria.
His family later recalled that "Mr Shelton snr was very fussy about his car if it rained while he was out he would dry the car when he came home and it was always covered even in the garage. It was his pride and joy.".
The car was also driven on holiday trips to Sydney, Adelaide and Queensland.
The car was sold to a dealer and then to Mr Maxwell J. McKendry in Niddrie. In 1969 it was again sold to a dealer and was purchased by Mr R. Stewart of Doncaster in Victoria who sold it to the Museum later the same year. Some minor refurbishment was completed by GM-H in 1970. The paint colour is the original 'Nankeen Cream' factory finish.

Physical Description

Cream Holden car fitted with a 6 cylinder, 2160 c.c. engine developing 60 H.P.


The Holden, built by General Motors-Holden was Australia's first mass produced motor car. It was the first Australian car with an integral body and chassis construction.

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