Server, used by the Museum under the name Swan 1, one of three IBM servers using RS 6000 processors with Unix operating systems (AIX3.X). The machines were named Abbot, Swan 1 (there was no Swan 2) and Tiger. Their primary function was as Texpress database servers. The databases included collection management systems, research databases for example by Natural Science department, reference databases for example by the Natural Science and History and Technology departments, and administrative databases for example personal address lists. These were the primary databases used for various purposes to varying degrees during the period 1991 to 2001.

Physical Description

Components consist of a Server, Dumb Terminal Monitor, Processor and Tape Drive, 4 mm Tape Drive, 60 Backup Tapes, Cable and Manuals. Deskside tower server - beige rectangular plastic box with 8mm tape drive, 3.5" diskette drive. Back is open with a fan, coaxial ethernet cable and other connectors Front: (IBM logo) 3151 Monitor: beige roughly rectanguar plastic box with 12" screen in front. Two data connections with cable plugged into one of them. Alphanumeric QWERTY keyboard with cable. Tape Drive: Beige rectangular metal box with plastic front. Power cable and data cable at back.

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