Cray Research supercomputer X-MP 14. 1/0 subsytem serial no. 25 mainframe serial no. 302. circa 1984. includes power supplies and crate containing skins and panels. At the time of its manufacture, this represented the fastest commercially available computer technology in the world. The computer was used by the Australian branch of Cray Research on a leased basis and was used by the Meteorological Office and C.S.I.R.O. on a regular basis.

Physical Description

List of parts: CPU unit Input/output module Power supplies x 5 Skins Panels Screwdrivers x 3 Unknown components x 3; manuals x 1 box For a detailed list of parts - name, description, inscriptions and dimensions - please see Narrative entitled 'List of parts - Cray, Model X-MP 14, Supercomputer, circa 1984 (ST 038328)'.

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