The Wolseley Viper (Hispano-Suiza W.4.A*) aero engine is a V8 cast block design produced under licence from Hispano-Suiza by Wolseley Motors Ltd, Birmingham in the United Kingdom during the First World War. This example is fitted with a Zenith carburettor and carries the serial no. 2339/2275 and War Department no. 33375. It was sectioned for display soon after acquisition from the Aircraft Disposal Company in London in 1922. It is best known as one of the engine types fitted to the Royal Aircraft Factory SE5A scout (fighter) flown by many Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force squadrons on the Western Front. SE5A machines were flown by No. 2 Squadron Australian Flying Corps and post-war by the RAAF in Australia. It produced around 190 brake horsepower.

Physical Description

190 B.H.P. at 1800 r.p.m.

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