Hat from Australian Army Nursing Service uniform, World War II. Belonged to Captain Isabel Erskine Plante - personnel number VFX 45576.

Captain Plante was born in Melbourne in 1910, and trained as a nurse. She enlisted in Essendon on 25 Jun 1940, at the age of 30 and unmarried. She served in the Australian Army Nursing Service, and was promoted to lieutenant and then captain in 1943. She served in the Middle East and New Guinea. She was discharged 13 Feb 1946.

VFX: 'V' stands for Victoria, indicating an enlistment in Victoria; 'F' stands for Female. (It appears that the original intention was to indicate nurses who served in Australia or Papua-New Guinea, but evidence indicates that this was not consistently applied. Many women who served in the Army have the F prefix but were not nurses; conversely, some nurses do not have the F prefix.) 'X' indicates service in the 2nd Australian Imperial Force.

Physical Description

Grey felt hat with service ribbon in brown; red and grey around crown.

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