Besson Piano Accordion made by Stradello Dallape in Italy during the 1920s. This accordion was brought to Australia in 1932 by an Italian musician who used it in the band at the Yallourn S.E.C campus until 1943. It was then used by Bill Rowan until 1962, and in 1970 the accordion was given to Mr Paul Hoppe by his grandfather J. Baillie.

Physical Description

Piano Accordion with blue laminex finish and nickelled metal grill work. It has a 3 octave keyboard and 120 brass buttons. Two rows of brass buttons give bass notes arranged in cyclic order of tonalities (D, G, C, F, etc), one row being offset against the other at the interval of a major third for convenience in fingering melodic passages in the bass. The other rows give 3-note chords, respectively, major and minor triads and dominant and diminished sevenths.

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