Savage automatic pistol Model 1907, .32 in. cal., serial number 1. Ten shot magazine located in butt, overall length 6.5 inches (165 mm). Made by Savage Arms Corporation, Utica, New York, 1907.

This finely engraved and decorated pistol with mother of pearl grips is serial no. 1, and has the initials 'B A' inlaid into the underside of the frame in gold. It is suspected that it may have been presented to Colonel Benjamin Adriance, president of the Savage Arms Company, as an early prototype model, although this interpretation is questioned by some historians of Savage firearms.

The Model 1907 was advertised by Savage as '10 Shots Quick', and was a popular pistol because it held 10 rounds.

Physical Description

Mother of pearl grips with small gold Indian head in centre. Fine quality engraving all over oak-leaf design.

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