Model of the clipper ship 'Thermopylae', a 948 ton composite hull cargo sailing vessel built by Walter Hood & Co. of Aberdeen, Scotland, in 1868 to a design by Bernard Waymouth, of London. The hull was made of iron frames with teak planking. It was designed for and used in the China tea trade by the Aberdeen White Star Line and became famous for several speed records. 'Thermopylae' also made frequent visits to Australian ports, as did her rival the 'Cutty Sark'. On her maiden voyage she sailed from London to Melbourne in a record 60 days (pilot to pilot) under Captain Kemball. Following several changes of ownership, the ship was sold to the Portrugese government for use as a sail training vessel in 1897, being renamed 'Pedro Nunez', and was scuttled by torpedoes off Portrugal in 1907.

This 1:96 scale model built by Cyril L. Hume was purchased by the Museum in 1936. Along with Malcolm Armstrong, Hume was the author of the book 'Cutty Sark & Thermopylae: Era of Sail'.

Physical Description

Wooden ship model with hull painted green and gold and three masts. There is a red and blue flag with a white star on top of the tallest mast and a flag with the Union Jack on a red background at the rear of the ship. On a wooden mount.

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