Computer system consisting of a CPU with 64 kb of RAM, inbuilt into the keyboard, a tape deck for data storage, a 3.5 inch disk drive (called a "computer-in-a-book"), a modem with telephone, appropriate cabling, a monochrome monitor, and associated original documentation.

This system originally used the tape deck as a means of storing data. it was replaced with the disk drive in about 1985.

Several hundred thousand Microbees were made in the 1980s and sold to users all over Australia and overseas. It was one of the first computers to make big inroads into Australian schools and many Australian computer 'nerds' cut their teeth on a Microbee. About this time, the early Apples, TRS80s, and Commodore 64s were becoming popular. They were small, relatively cheap and offered home computing to the interested. Applied Technology introduced the Microbee as a kit that arrived in a plastic bag as a circuit board and lots of components. Later versions were sold in cases ready made.

Physical Description

1, Keyboard 2, Packaging 3, Monitor 4, Disk Drive 5. Mouse 6. Modem Telephone 7. Cassette Recorder 8. Seven cassette tapes 9. Disks (user and pre-programmed) 10. Cabling 11. Documentation 12. Modem 13. Cabling

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