Four-wheeled motor buggy with internal combustion engine, made by the Haines & Grut Motor Buggy Company Pty Ltd, at 20 A'Beckett Street, Melbourne in 1908-1909. One of five such buggies built by Thomas Haines and Peter Grut although only two vehicles were completed by the time the firm was wound up and this vehicle along with the contents of the works were sold at auction in May 1909. This vehicle is believed to be the sole surviving example and is fitted with a water-cooled, two-cylinder 10 horsepower engine, castings for which were made by John Danks & Son, Pty Ltd. Axles were made by J. Royal & Co, Carlton, springs by Henderson's Federal Spring Works, Melbourne, hickory wheels from the U.S.A. and carburettors from France. The retail price was about 160 Pounds.

Haines & Grut buggies were the first of this type to be made in Australia and were promoted as being more reliable as they did not use pneumatic tyres and "the high wheels, which give a good clearance from the road, obviate the dust nuisance and make the steering of the Buggy simple and easy...It does not compete with the touring car, speedster, or sport car of any kind: It is a run-about, a utility car; a means of going anywhere with no trouble and slight expense."

The Museum purchased this vehicle at auction in 1986. It had previously been owned by Mr Arthur Parker of Colac and Mr T.S Jeremiah until 1958.

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