"BBC Proton" microcomputer, made by Acorn in UK but modified in Australia in 1981. This model was widely used in Australian schools. The donor states that he assembled the machine in the UK while working for Barston Computers.The circuitry is hand soldered. This unit is serial no. 2. It is the third one made as the count started with 0.

It has been more recently suggested this item could be a prototype with the codename "Proton" made before the BBC went ahead with the design and renamed it the "BBC Micro". The "BBC Micro" was the model used in schools.

Physical Description

Discoloured and stained yellow computer console with QWERTY style keyboard, with loose mains cable and black computer cable. The latter has male plugs and is a RGB cable (Red Green Blue) for a colour monitor to be attached to the computer.

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