IBM PC desk-top computer, model 5110-3, with integral visual display unit, with integral dual 8" disc drive, 7" vdu, QWERTY keyboard with number pad on right side but no function keys.

IBM 5110 Computing series. Accessed 2 december 2013.
Production Date: 1978-1982
Offered as a computer suitable for business and industry requirements.IBM 5110 Model 3 - also designated as the IBM 5120 (with two built-in 8 inch 1.2 MB floppy disk drives).
This model had a character set (EBCDIC) which was compatible with other IBM machines.
Model 5110-3 was the desktop version of the series. The 5110 series had main memory which held 16K, 32K, 48K or 64K bytes of data, depending on the unit.

Physical Description

Combined CPU/Monitor/keyboard with 2 x 8”disk drives in beige plastic case with grey highlighting around monitor; no Function keys on keyboard BASIC program commands printed on strip above number keys on top


A large desktop console, this machine is an example of the transition from floor mounted computers with work stations (minicomputers, for example, the IBM System 3) to microcomputers with the standard configuration - box, screen, keyboard and, later, mouse.

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