Electric typewriter of the typebar, front-strike class manufactured by the IBM company in the U.S.A. The original design for this typewriter was developed by Electromatic Typewriters, Inc. and first marketed in1930. In 1933 the company became part of IBM and the typewriter was marketed as the IBM Electric Typewriter, Model 01.

Physical Description

Metal frame and metal covers with black crackle finish. Cylindrical platen 38 mm (15 inches) wide. Front-strike machine with 42 typebars in curved typebasket inclined upwards to front at about 30 degrees. Ink ribbon carried between spools on horizontal axes aligned parallel to platen. Ribbon turns through 90 degrees at each side of typebasket. Typebasket covered by removable metal cover with fan-shaped cutout to give clearance to typebars. Four-row QWERTY keyboard with 42 character keys. Keys marked 'TAB/KEY', 'SHIFT/LOCK' and 'SHIFT/KEY' to left of keyboard. Keys marked 'BACK/SPACER', 'CARRIAGE/RETURN' and 'SHIFT/KEY' to right of keyboard. Keys marked 'TAB/CLEAR' and 'TAB/SET' project from right-hand upper front of typebasket cover. Push-pull knob marked 'MARGIN RELEASE' projects from lower left-hand end of typebasket cover. Push-pull knob marked 'IN/STENCIL/OUT' projects from lower right-hand end of typebasket cover. Spacebar in front of keyboard. At right rear of machine pointer moves over quarter-circle scale graduated 0-25 and marked 'IMPRESSION INDICATOR'.

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