Portable typewriter of the typebar, front strike class made by Societa Anonima Serio Officine Meccaniche di Precisione of Crema and Milan in Italy. The serial number of 166241 indicates that the machine was made in 1950. The company began typewriter production in 1932 and was taken over by the Olivetti Company in 1962.
It is believed that this particular machine was used in St. Patrick's College, East Melbourne.

Physical Description

Metal frame with black crackle finish. Cylindrical platen on carriage with black crackle finish and plated metal fittings. 44 typebars in horizontal curved typebasket in front of platen. Inking ribbon carried between two spools on vertical axes. Hinged cover over typebars and ribbon spools. Folding paper guide behind platen. Four-row keyboard with 44 character keys. Additional 'SHIFT / LOCK' and 'SHIFT / KEY' keys to left of keyboard, 'BACK / SPACER' and 'SHIFT / KEY' to right. All keys circular, with white lettering on black background. Spacebar along front of keyboard. Typewriter attached to wooden baseboard of carrying case by two catches on baseboard. Wooden cover fits over machine and attaches to baseboard. Carrying case is covered with black leathercloth.

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