Alternative Name(s): Dog Tag, Identification Tag, Identity Disc.

Aluminium disc stamped '63 Hall. J. R. 1. L. H. F. A. A. I. F. C. E.'

Joseph Rex Hall was a 19-year-old accountant when he enlisted on 18 August 1914 (just two weeks after war was declared by Britain). He had already served for 2 1/2 years in the military forces (28th Australian Army Medical Corps). His service number was 63, reflecting the early date of his enlistment. He served in the Light Horse and Camel Corps in the Middle East (with a period in Gallipoli), escaping injury although experiencing illness. He returned to Australia in July 1919.

Hall's involvement with the military continued, and in May 1921 he was a candidate for a commission in the 2nd Cavalry Division. He served again in World War II, enlisting 6 Aug 1942 at East Malvern (service number VX80978 (V24238)). He was discharged on 13 Dec 1946 at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the 23/21 Australian Infantry Battalion.

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