By 1915, the International Harvester Company (IHC) was the world's leading tractor manufacturer with successful designs such as the Mogul 12-25 and 8-16 capturing a third of U.S tractor sales. IHC also owned the McCormick & Deering brands which gave the company enormous market power which was challenged in Australia by H.V McKay who launched a relentless and successful campaign to introduce federal tariff protection for local agricultural machinery makers. In response, IHC established a local organisation in 1912; International Harvester Australia Pty Ltd (IHA) allowed the firm to assemble equipment from imported components in Australia.

Introduced in 1915, the Titan 10-20 model built on the experience of earlier successful IHC tractors, with a total of nearly 80,000 10-20s manufactured at the IHC plant at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The 10-20 was the smallest model produced by IHC with a total weight of 2,372 kgs (5,225 lbs). The engine was a kerosene-fuelled, two-cylinder horizontal unit producing around 14.8 kW (20 h.p.) at the belt with a two-speed gearbox. The large front-mounted 117 litre tank held water was for engine cooling which circulated water via simple temperature differential thus avoiding the use of a water pump or radiator fan assembly. The Titan 10-20 was imported into Australia by IHA. In common with many early tractors the design is crude with a steel girder frame and twin chain & sprocket drive to the rear wheels.

This Titan 10-20 tractor was used on the 'Green Mountains' poultry farm in Croydon from the early 1950s until its donation in 1964. The Titan tractor was used to plough the paddock in which feed for the chickens was grown. It was acquired in poor condition in 1964 and was subsequently restored cosmetically by Vivian Expositions for display.

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