The Ilford 'Craftsman' is a twin lens reflex style box camera introduced in 1949.

The lens, consists of two cemented components, has two apertures, f9 and f18, Helical focussing from 4 feet to infinity. Everset shutter (not in working order) plus bulb and speeds of 1/25, 1/75. It can be used with either 20 or Z20 size roll film (120 and 620 respectively) and takes 12 pictures 2¼" square.Two pole flash socket and leather case.

The firm Ilford grew out of Britannia Works, a company founded by Alfred Hugh Harman in 1879, in Ilford, UK. In 1902, as a producer of photogrphic plates, it changed its name, taking on the name of the town to become Ilford Limited. By the 1950s, the firm also manufactured cameras and supplied cameras made by other makers including Agilux Ltd. At the height of its success, in the 1960s, Ilford produced over half of all 35mm film made in the UK.

In an interesting anecdote to the Ilford story, Alfred Thomas Harman, the son of Alfred Hugh, turned his back on the family company after a disagreement with his father and chose to emigrate to Australia in 1885, at the age of 21. He settled in Melbourne where he established a highly successful business manufacturing earthmoving equipment.

Physical Description

Black plastic twin reflex style camera with the exterior grained to give the appearance of leather panels.Chrome metal lens plate. The viewfinder on the top plate of the camera, has a self-erecting shield, the sides of which are designed to keep out extraneous light.

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