Model of the 14,000 tonne container ship 'Columbus Victoria' fitted with two single-acting MAN 6 cylinder engines. This ship was built by A.G. Weser Seebeckwerft BHN in West Germany for Hamburg-Sudamerikanische (Hamburg Sud-Columbus Line) Dampeschiffaarts - Ges. Eggert & Amsinck, Hamburg. In 17 November 1996, Columbus Victoria was involved in a collision on Port Phillip Bay with the tanker Sampet Hope which caused damage to both vessels.

This model was donated to the Museum by the ship's owners via the office of the Premier of Victoria in 1977. The ship was named and launched by Mrs April Hamer, wife of the then Premier of Victoria The Hon. (Sir) Rupert Hamer. This model was presented to Premier Hamer to commemorate the ship's maiden voyage in January 1977.

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