Messerschmitt model KR 200 3-wheel light motor car, with a fabric roll-back roof. Fitted with a Fichtel and Sach 200 c.c. single-cylinder two-stroke fan-forced air-cooled petrol engine, with four-speed manual gearbox. Final drive to single rear wheel is by a roller chain-drive. Manufactured by Fahrzeug und Maschinenbau GMBH, at Regensburg, Federal Republic of Germany, in 1959, body no.73387, engine no.3033828.

Purchased in unrestored condition in 1983. The vehicle was subsequently dismantled with a view to restoration, but the project was set aside with the vehicle remaining disassembled.

Physical Description

Red painted body, red upholstery with a dark red carpeted floor and a cloth soft-top roll-back type roof. The centre top section of body, windows and roof hinged on right-hand side to allow access to the two-seat tandem passenger compartment. The metal engine cover or bonnet at rear with attached fuel tank hinges forward to allow access to the engine bay and power chain. Glass windscreen fitted with single-blade electric windscreen wiper. The passenger side windscreen/window is of Perspex type clear plastic material with three panels - plus one missing. Fitted with inverted 'E' shaped steering handlebars, with electric horn activation button in centre of steering column. Dashboard fitted with following instruments from left-to-right: “Pull type chock lever; three-position white coloured rotary electrical switch; one red & one blue vertically inline electric indicating lamps; speedometer; two red vertically inline electric indicating lamps. Three-position horizontal-movement toggle electrical switch positioned to right of steering column, with two position ignition switch on left of steering column. Headlight dipping switch mounted on floor of passenger compartment right of centreline in driver's leg well. Electrical fuse-box mounted in driver's leg well on left-hand side under gear selection lever. Two front headlamps with round clear glass lenses marked 'Hella' 'K13292' fitted to protruding headlight surrounds in front body panel. Teardrop-shaped indicator lamp with yellow lens fitted to each of the two front mudguards are marked 'Hella' 'K12668' 'A2245'. Two teardrop-shaped red reflector lamps fitted to rear of body (on each side), marked 'Hella' 'BS 2515 Grade 2' 'BS 2516 Grade 2'. Two teardrop-shaped red reflector lamps fitted to rear centre body (on each side), marked 'Hella' 'BS 2515 Grade 2' (twice) 'A4255', 'K2438', 'B140c', 'sp.'. Fitted to centre of rear body panel is a single amber lamp marked 'Wipac'.

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