Pair of Malaccan sandals cut from a single piece of wood. Exhibited in the Straits Settlement display at the Melbourne International Exhibition, held in the (Royal) Exhibition Building, 1 October 1880 - 30 April 1881.

The Official Catalogue of the 1880 Exhibition lists 'native shoes' from Malacca in the Straits Settlements exhibits Class 38 - Clothing for Both Sexes (p 625). The 'native shoes' were submitted by two exhibitors: W. Rodyk and Tan Tek Guan. The Straits Settlement display was described in the official catalogue as: '. . . one of the least attractive in outward appearance of any in the Exhibition, though very instructive to those who cared to study the capacities and progress of Singapore'.

Physical Description

Pair of sandals cut from single piece of wood with block under heel and toe. Fitted with horn peg to go between the toes.

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