A small black-covered book of poems titled 'The Anzacs', 'Dedicated to The Anzacs by Private H.W. Morris, 12th Battalion, 3rd Infantry Brigade, Australian Imperial Force' and printed by G. A. Bellamy, Printer, Burton (England). The author, William Herbert Morris, was a member of B. Coy in the 12th Battalion.

The booklet appears to have been carried around, as the edges of the pages are worn and torn and the covers are coming adrift. The name of a solider owner is written in pencil on the flyleaf, but it is now illegible. It may be the author himself. A note from the poet mentions that the poems 'were written by me during the operations in the Dardanelles, throughout the whole of which I took part.' 'They were written in my Dug-out during lulls in the fighting, and are correct in detail and a truthful and unexaggerated account of the actual happenings. In response to the wishes of many of my comrades I am hoping to successfully publish them in Book form, as a souvenir of the immortal 'Anzacs'.

The poems include 'Anzac Day'; 'Sons of Australia'; 'The Charge of the Third Brigade'; 'the Battle of Sari Bair'; 'The Sacrifice'; 'Trench Morals' (a satirical poem about a supposed ban on cursing in the trenches); 'Pals'; 'Tribute to a Fallen Comrade'; 'The curse of war'; 'Absent Reflections'; and 'The evacuation of Anzac'.

Description of Content

Book of poems written at Gallipoli or shortly after, 1915.

Physical Description

Small bound printed book, covered with black cardboard. Deep fraying on edges, particularly at corners.

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