Retort furnace model used in connection with the stand pipes, bridge pipes, dip pipes and the hydraulic plain as erected in the Geelong Gas Works at one time.

Physical Description

Model has rectangular prism body constructed from sheet metal painted on the exterior to give the impression of bricks. On one end of the prism there are five black painted metal covers, top row of two, bottom row of three. The opposite end of the furnace has five similarly located covers each of which has a cylindrical tube extending vertically. These extensions join with an arched tube component with five additional vertical cylinders which joins onto a black horizontal component attached to the roof of the furnace. Below is a small door to the furnace. White letters are found on a number of the black metal components 'S', 'B', 'D', 'H'. There is a small white paper label adhered to the 'brick' surface on one long side of the prism featuring text.

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