Typewriter and adding machine manufactured by the Remington Company in the U.S.A. This machine was developed from a standard typewriter by the addition of registers and extra keys to provide an adding machine function. It was designed to be used with ledger papers.

Physical Description

Metal frame with black crackle finish with plated metal fittings. Cylindrical platen 450 mm (17.75 inches) wide on carriage. Graduated scale on carriage, in front of platen. Three nine-digit counters on centre front of carriage, one nine-digit counter at lower right front of carriage. 46 typebars in horizontal semicirculsr typebasket in front of platen, beneath carriage. Three-row QWERTY keyboard with spacebar at front. One row of twelve number keys in front of spacebar. Ten labels marked with currency values in front of number keys, then a further nine keys in front of labels.Keys marked 'SHIFT/LOCK' and 'SHIFT' to left of keyboard. Keys marked 'BACK/SPACER' and 'SHIFT' to right of keyboard. Three keys marked 'CREDIT/BALANCE', 'RELEASE' and 'CORRECTION' to upper left of keyboard. Large bent-metal carriage return key to left of keyboard. Electric motor in housing projecting from rear of frame.

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