Wooden rib from the upper wing of a German Pfalz biplane. Obtained in Palestine during the First World War by Lieutenant S.A. Nunan and presented to the Museum by his brother Paul in 1922. May have originated from a Pfalz D.III. Has pieces of plain fabric attached.

Lt Stanislaus Acton Nunan served with No. 1 Squadron, Australian Flying Corps in Palestine as a pilot from March 1918 after transferring from the AIF engineers. He was killed in a motorcycle accident at Aspendale racecourse on 10 December 1921. He had been a partner in the motorcycle import and repair business, Clarke & Nunan and a well-known local motorcycle racer before and after the war.

Although it is not known whether this object came from a wrecked or captured enemy aircraft, it can provide insight into the technological capability of the enemy. It is also a reminder of the possible loss of life of its pilot and the ethics of collecting this type of material, even during war time.

Physical Description

Wooden rib from the upper wing of a German Pfalz biplane. Consists of a 3-ply web with oval lightening holes and includes sections of two wing spars.

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